Do you know your brewer?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The time has finally come...

I am writing a blog. I knew it would happen, but it was just a matter of time. This is for Elrod and Zak and all those that believe in me and have been there through the time. I wouldn't be here without you, or rather nearly as far. No, I don't have the money yet, and no I don't have equipment or a Brewer's Notice yet, but I do have ambition and pride and hella friends.

This blog has been setup for you to track my progress over the next months on the building of my brewpub. I will write about projects I am currently working on or would like to start, upcoming events that I will be involved with, and oh yeah, of course, the latest, breaking news associated with the progress of being able to pour my very own draught beer. I pledge to you I will post twice a week. I am putting myself out on a limb to give to you something fresh twice a week. So here we go, Post number 1!